Wanderlust: France


France, Paris especially, is one of the places that’s high on my to-see list. I fantasize about wearing a sun dress, riding a bicycle around with a baguette in the basket on my way to gaze at anything and everything beautiful and think about going to sample macarons. In this fantasy I am fluent in French, a zillion pounds lighter and my hair is much longer and less fluffy. So essentially I am fantasizing about being someone else.


No matter.


When my friend Megan told me she was going to France, I told her she needed to bring me back macarons, the Eiffel Tower and a postcard. I got the macarons (After sending her quite a few pictures so she knew what they were) and some awesome Moulin Rouge coasters.


Megan agreed to let me share her beautiful photos in exchange for me talking about how awesome she is (or really, she asked what my blog was for and I just sighed because she should already know these things).


Though the Eiffel Tower picture is my favorite, the others are quite stunning as well so enjoy! And feel free to imagine yourself on a bike with the perfect temperature on your way to taste lots of amazing wine. You’re welcome.



Oh! Let’s not forget!




Melanie Kristy


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