The Mondays


(from one of those delicious drink beach days)

I feel like every day is a case of the Mondays, like I can’t get into a routine that sticks so I stay in bed for a half hour after my alarm goes off reading messages on my phone. Now I’m sitting here in makeup and pajamas avoiding thinking about breakfast.

I had this awesome weekend. But they’re always too short. Can we make the weekends a little bit longer?

Or make the week nights feel weekendish. I’m not even sure what that means. Mostly leaving work refreshed and ready for anything, instead of tired after a long day. Plans that aren’t too complicated. Or absolutely no plans at all. What do you weekends look like? For me they’re usually about a meal out or two, driving a lot and hanging out. Or they’re about going things for me, hanging out in Starbucks nursing a drink while I stare at blank pages, write in my journal or read. Sometimes, usually when the weather is a bit cooler and it doesn’t cost to park at the beach, that’s what I do. I drive down there and sit in my car with the windows open and I take pictures out my window and I drink something delicious. (I hate drinking calories but there’s something about an amazing drink that makes me do so occasionally). And I read. Because I can’t really write in my car. Sometimes I daydream. Sometimes I listen to Pandora.

I have nine minutes to get dressed and make/ eat breakfast. This is always the part where I fail.

Someone ought to bring me a Peanut Butter Wonderful iced coffee.


Melanie Kristy


4 thoughts on “The Mondays

  1. Can you believe that to his day, I still crave Marylou’s Coffee?

    I have the exact SAME problem. I have so many projects going on right now, and on days like today when I get to work early and get home by three, I feel like I should be able to get so much accomplished. Then I end up wasting the afternoons away because I’m so sleepy and burned out.

    We need to start doing quick yoga sessions after work that refresh and revive us,

    Or do idea fountains as soon as we get home, sitting down in front of our computer and typing up every silly idea that comes into our head.

    Now I have an idea for a blog post! But I need to play video games first….(my favorite way to recharge)

    • I totally believe you still crave Marylous! And I’m so happy to have inspired your new post. I can’t do things like reading (my closest equivalent to your video games) to recharge because it doesn’t refresh me. It kind of keeps me stuck there. Like watching tv.

      That Yoga site won’t load past the first page for me 😦

  2. My husband and I have a boring routine carved out which involves hanging out on Sunday and buying groceries and running other errands together on Mondays. We’re boring but content. We work for our boring weeks together, but yes, I totally wish they were longer.

    In other news, stop taking pictures from your car window! Get out, enjoy the beauty and if you have time left over, then take pictures (outside of the car).

    • I’m not sure how many pictures you’ve seen that i’ve taken in my car, but I happen to prefer sitting in my car reading than sitting in the parking lot reading. And sometimes pictures and iced coffee in involved. But I spend plenty of time outside.

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