The Sweet Life

La Dolce Vita.
Renaming Things I Love to something else. Because in the long run, all of these little pieces of life, the time that slips between the cracks, the pages that smell like old books, the people that come and go, the muscle pains two days after a work out, finding a bag on sale for even more than it was marked down to, these are all the odds and ends that make up our life. They’re the things that are quickest to be forgotten in stressful times and sometimes the least to be appreciated because they tend not to be part of the “big picture” (though sometimes they absolutely are).

mango hand lotion and glittery body mousse
starting a collection of Judy Blume books (15 years late but who cares?) So far, out of Forever, Deenie and Tiger Eyes, Tiger Eyes is my favorite
water and ac in my house is all that’s keeping me sane this summer
those rare perfect weather days
committing to myself again
counting Weight Watcher’s points and sticking to the program
making goals for myself
meditating in the back yard
Starbuck’s new refreshers drinks
buying a huge orange striped beach hat
Old fashioned movie theaters with black & white movie stars’ faces as wall paper for the entrance to the bathroom

Moonrise Kingdom

What’s in your sweet life this week/ month/ year/ life?
Melanie Kristy


3 thoughts on “The Sweet Life

  1. Your cat’s eye diamante sunglasses are pretty sweet! Also, I love Judy Bloom, but especial favourite has to be ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret’. Glad you are having a good summer πŸ™‚

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