Are You There, Blog? It’s me, Melanie.


Have you read a really really good book lately? One so great you want everyone to read it?

Have you stumbled upon an awesome blog post, a song that makes you cry or a movie that inspires?

It’s summer time. Have you been burned yet?  Gone to the beach? Scratched off some mosquito bites? Have you made a summer bucket list, written in your diary, tried a new recipe?

Have you sent out pictures of yourself attempting to be creepy to guys?

Have you deleted Facebook, complained on Twitter, gotten a cold, bought new sun glasses, changed the background picture on your desktop, asked for time off, planned a trip to Myrtle Beach, boxed up most of your books into boxes that are sitting on the floor, drank enough water, lost the weight you put on after joining Weight Watchers, forgotten medicine and vitamins?

Has someone to like ignored your existence, someone else haunted your thoughts, more of the same old same old. Have you taken out The Secret and decided to manifest your own life? Have you looked at your old hoop that’s in the corner of your room behind your desk and thought about relearning how to dance with it.

Have you taken some ballet classes, thought about taking tap, asked about buying a condo, let your clean clothes pile up around you in your bedroom?

Has anyone asked you about you, blog, lately? Has anyone asked if you’re still blogging, where you are, how are you.

I’ve done most of these things in the past month or so. Or I’ve been asked these things. Stuff has happened. I have done things. I have lived or not lived. I have bought new prescription classes and got a new car.

I’ve eaten a lot of Indian food. Maybe I’m addicted. I also tried Ethiopian.




And somewhere in the middle I just disconnected. I turned off Facebook, I deleted (and then readded) my Twitter account. I stopped writing. I let an advanced writing class kind of go to waste as I sat and allowed work to pile up around me. I made a lot of outlines. And I gained weight. And kind of lost it. And lost a little more because having a cold is incredible on the appetite. I changed locations at work, I ate some lobster. I caught a fish, tried on some hats and sunglasses. I saw a swan in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts. I baked two cupcakes, attended a wake, signed up for graduate classes (did I already type this one?) and bought more books.

All of these are things, little things, big things, influential and trivial. They’re parts of every day. Parts of moments that aren’t always heard of.

How have you been spending all of these important moments?


ps. Can I add that I’m amazed that I still have a steady flow of readers here? Even after deleting my Facebook and only posting one other time in the entirety of June. This is the perfect time to introduce yourself, readers! (Or reintroduce, or just say hello). I can’t wait to meet you.


2 thoughts on “Are You There, Blog? It’s me, Melanie.

  1. I love the picture of you creeping above your fence (haha)! Wow you deleted Facebook huh?! I have one for signing up for freebies but I don’t really have any friends on there. I’m so glad you are posting again! I have missed you so much.

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