You ever have those nights where you are reading or remembering or hearing or thinking and thoughts and emotions just click into some sort of place… that can’t be explained or put into words? I’ve been reading old words tonight, old fiction and online journal entries from my freshman year of college.

I just need to reconnect with the girl I used to be.

& Then I’ll figure some things out, I’m pretty sure. Here’s to connecting.


Things I don’t know if you know about me:
I used to refer to myself as Lady Ivory, if you aren’t familiar with the name, it comes from Girl Goddess #9, the short story by Francesca Lia Block. I had an Alabaster Duchess to my Lady Ivory.
I used to have short hair that I kind of spiked in the back, I straightened the bangs to the side
My hair has been red, blue, purple, a poor attempt at blonde, various shades of brown and also black.
I used to try and make awesome images in photoshop and other programs, I haven’t for a while
I can always use song lyrics to describe me better than I can use my own words

So I’ll be right back. While I’m gone, tell me about you.


freshman year of college, 2003. i was freshly nineteen

2006 in San Francisco with freshly dyed red hair (I dyed it in the hotel bathroom in Chinatown)


I used to experiment a lot with makeup. This was 2003/2004. But I think the makeup and smile was actually because I was about to, or had performed in the Dance Company I was a part of at MCLA


again, at MCLA freshman year. not always smiling


sometime in Ohio, (I think it was Christmas time 2004/2005) this was evidence of my first cellphone, large and chunky!


these aren’t tickets from shows I went to, as I made this for someone else, but it’s an example of my attempted graphic editing genius.


One thought on “BRB

  1. I used to have that very same haircut. 🙂 My hair used to be a poor attempt at blonde, black, blue and fuchsia and auburn. I love your red San Fransisco hair, it’s such a beautiful color on you! Please post pictures of your different hair colors some day!

    In the meantime, I will miss you. I love you, Lozenger, the girl with the most beautiful eyebrows and heart in the world. XOXOX.

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