Cupcake The Musical

If you’re in Boston any time in the next six weeks, I recommend you head on over to the back bay area, eat dinner at Club Cafe and then see the Cupcake The Musical right after.

Cupcake The Musical is a whimsical story about a baker boy who sells his cupcakes on the streets of Summertown, a librarian and a life guard who are both crushing on said baker boy, and a cop who is trying to shut baker boy down. It’s a short, sweet musical that includes talk about magic cupcakes (which I happen to be writing a novel about currently), a few not so subtle innuendos and a real estate agent/ judge named Judy/”and others” who makes reference to her playing more than one character. Club Cafe coffers cabaret style seating and rows of theater seating as well as a drink menu complimenting the characters concocted from Cupcake Vodka.

You can find Cupcake on Facebook, also.


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