Things I Love

fried pickles
iced chai tea lattes
sleeping on planes
Third Eye Blind playing (for free!) on Saturday in Boston
when my netbook actually connects to the internet
Modern Family
Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Greek Yogurt (in banana & peanut butter) it’s so weird! And slightly tangy! And greek yogurt-y! And less likely to make me want to keep going back for it
cramming into phone booths for photos

where’s my mouth?? ha

new dresses and skirts
sunburns that actually turn into nice tans (I’ll have these farmer’s tan lines until next year, I’m sure)
lobster rolls at Panera Bread
trying on brightly colored sunglasses
not having to wear a jacket outside, especially while I’m driving
getting my weekend update through hashtags on Instagram. (it went something like this, “oh look there’s isaac on a bike! he looks like the wicked witch of the west!” “oh there’s a line already!”)
“think happy. be happy”
hummingbird charms

What do you love today?


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