2nd Day of Spring, Wanderlove and Little Changes

It’s the second day of Spring.Spring is the day I count down to starting every January first. The sun is shining and the weather is unnaturally warm and the best feeling in the world is driving without a jacket while wearing sun glasses and really listening to music. Letting it move you.

Every once in a while I impulse buy a book that’s simply amazing and exactly what I need. It doesn’t happen very often, but I’m sure it’s the reason I can’t stop myself from impulse buying. Because sometimes it’s just about the simple act of buying a book. And other times there’s something more, a subconscious pull to the entire world that’s about to unfold around me.

And those are the books that make me feel alive.

And yearn.

This most recent find is a YA book called Wanderlove about a girl traveling in Guatemala. It was enough to make me start up a new savings account. Enough to make me think that maybe things are possible.

I’ve made a lot of little comments recently where the person I was speaking to corrected me, told me to think about what I said different. “Don’t say never” or, “it’s all about attitude” and I remember how my negative thoughts make everything feel like it’s a drag. How it’s so easy to forget that anything is possible when you can’t imagine anything really happening. When you imagine yourself stagnant, because that’s how you feel, that’s how you remain until you have the courage to pull yourself out of the water.

And so I changed my saving habits (or at least, I will when my direct deposit goes through) and practiced saying no to the demands of others. (The hanging out, spending money, wasting dollars on things). I’ve decided to start playing around with cooking. I can create my own to-die-for meals so that I can cook for other people in the future instead of just myself.

And also, I’ve decided that I can write for 15 minutes a day. And go to the gym (or work out) for fifteen minutes a day. These are the commitments I’m making to myself. Just to make things possible.

Little changes amount to something big. Another little change I’m making is, starting in April, accepting swaps for ad space. If anyone’s interested e-mail me at starsgoneblue at gmail.

2 thoughts on “2nd Day of Spring, Wanderlove and Little Changes

  1. Positive thinking is very powerful and a beautiful thing, but sometimes we get stuck in our ruts of negativity and it’s difficult to dig ourselves up to the sunshine again. I’ve been working hard on surrounding myself with beauty and positivity, but I suppose we all have slip ups. We should have each others backs on this and work on keeping each other in check.

    In other news, I’m sorry I fell behind in reading your blog and mailing you, but I’m devoting time to catching up with everyone over the next few days, so expect to hear from me again soon!

    (For some reason I can’t comment without logging into FB or Twitter or whatever else, so I went with FB.)

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