To Francesca and her Faerie Cottage

Guys, my favorite author and amazing teacher Francesca Lia Block is having some issues with Bank of America regarding re-financing her mortgage. I would love it if you could take the time to sign her petition to help save her faerie cottage. And if you’re interested in reading more details, you can go here.

To Francesca and her Faerie Cottage

for decades (!!)
you have inspired girls who never quite belonged
because your stories helped us fit somewhere
between the layers of high school, girl fights,
first loves, manuscripts, late nights,
early sunrises, best friends, and that never ending post-college haze
we’ve turned into poets, librarians, actresses, photographers, lovers and fighters
your words have always been a source of light
the kind that is like
a mixture of honey drenched over the world
and rose tinted contact lenses,
and jacaranda blossoms
and trays of pink sushi rolls, jasmine rice and green coconut tea
the faerie cottage has been a character in our dreams
that place we always assumed you lived and danced and loved
and wrote the magic we see on pages between hard covers
you won’t lose it because it was part of you
even before and certainly during
this present moment

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