How To Be Your Own Valentine


Valentine’s Day is for suckers, right? It’s the sickly sweet Hallmark holiday that people roll their eyes at yet celebrate anyway. Or they ignore it. Or they broadcast their hate.

If we strip down all of the consumerism we are left with a day mid February that could be or mean anything you can it to.

Last year I wrote How To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone but this year I’m changing the focus just a tiny bit. I’m changing it to yourself and taking the focus off the “alone” part. Because there’s nothing wrong with being alone. And no one can love you if you don’t love yourself first.

I think Valentine’s Day should be a day for love — your love for yourself or someone else. But right now let’s focus on you.

* buy yourself a house plant
* make the time to do something for yourself. Take a nap. Get a pedicure. Anything that will take you away from stress and the real world for a few moments.
* make yourself chocolates. Better yet, double the batch and make some for someone else, too.
* go back to your elementary school days and make yourself a Valentine out of red construction paper and doilies. The gaudier the better.
* take a moment to think about what you can do for yourself each day to make every day a little better
* go through your things and throw out /sell/ give away/ donate 100 items that you own
* paint your bathroom a shade of pink
* call someone and tell them you love them. Giving love away is a way to make it come back to you.
* don’t stress about the holiday, or lack there of.
* make a list of all of the things you love about yourself. start with physical traits and just keep on going until you don’t have any more paper
* don’t complain today. to yourself or anyone else. The negativity is bringing you down
* eat that festive treat

How do you spend your Valentine’s Days?


2 thoughts on “How To Be Your Own Valentine

  1. love this post. I’m a big believer in if we love someone, and that includes ourselves, we should tell them everyday. Or at least a little more frequently than one day a year. So many great ideas, thanks Melanie!! xo

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