Morning Characters

I kind of stopped doing this once Borders closed and I lost my place to sit and watch people and wonder about their lives. Lately I’ve been trying to get back into that by venturing out to places where there might be people. So hopefully this is the return of the Morning Characters, because it was fun to do and fun to write and fun to imagine lives.

A three year old girl with the chubbiest cheeks I’ve ever seen is wearing a multicolored dress and twirling around while she drinks her chocolate milk. She loves people and takes on the task of entertaining the little ones she doesn’t know. She bounces from chair to chair, shakes hands with a blind made and hugs strangers.

A boy with a black skully cap sits and listens to a man talk about his diabetes. The boy is concerned and considerate, offering his own words when he can. It’s his day off and he doesn’t mind daily chatter and conversing with strangers.

There is a line for coffee and every person is wearing a black jacket. I consider my own black jacket and shrug it off. We all sort of blend in to each other on this winter day. But separately we are all different.

The blink man wears all yellow, his shirt is thirty years old. He’s in his seventies and still talking. He has lived a full life traveling and creating a family. Maybe he hasn’t always been blind. At night he dreams in colour. In the morning he mourns his retired eyes but he wouldn’t trade them for his past.

“I need a place to die. A nice, quiet place.”

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