Still Here!


I’m alive I swear. I’ve been lurking beneath piles of tissues, reading possibly life changing books and making friends with the shadows. In the mean time, if you  miss me, you can wander over to my attempt at a Tumblr, my self-love work of the sorts. It’s my attempt at sticking with Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love and writing from that place deep inside. It’s also a love letter to myself and everyone else who wants to share the love. I’ve also been lurking around Twitter, and waiting on a transcript so I can apply to library school. I’ve also been spending a lot of time fighting with my tonsils and throat and sinuses. And I’ve been applying liberal amounts of lotion. And Googling exactly what I need to eat to have the optimum immune system I obviously do not have right now. And taking weird supplements and drinking apple cider vinegar in sugar free grape and cherry juice (it really is tasty!)

And also, being patient. I am not good at being patient.

So comment with what you’ve been up to, what you love and what links I should read. Or add me on Twitter and share your Tumblr. Let me know what you do for sore throats or consistent allergies.




4 thoughts on “Still Here!

  1. Miss you always.

    I prescribe licorice tea, lemons and the usual life changing books (which it sounds like you have taken are of). Hope you feel better soon! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    As for me, I’ve been cooking decorating and writing. I’ve been loving this blog so much, I think you would like it too. Her book is also a gem.

  2. I’m waxless over at Tumblr. Even though I don’t post much, follow me back! I put up some good stuff every now and then. I LOVE WE HEARTIT, THOUGH. If you’re not following me over there, I recommend you do so you can see all the pretty pictures I heart. (And then if you want you can add them to your Tumblr!) My WHI username is /mighty.

    I use Twitter even more rarely, but I started following you. Once again, follow me back! 😉 I am starstuffnet (ooh, clever, huh?).


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