Counting til The End Of Winter


My first official work day of 2012 was gunked up by my inability to get out of bed. I reset my alarm for an hour later — the actual time I would normally wake up — they lay in bed for a half hour awake and in the end didn’t get any writing done. I’ve decided that this will be my year for writing. So I am going to go ahead and get writing.

I am also here to tell you that there are only 77 days left until the first day of spring. This is an important count down to me and while I usually start it on January first each year, I missed a couple days. This could be because I’ve been taking vitamin D supplements so I am slightly less ridden with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or maybe because I’m coming back from a long weekend. Either way.

It’s practically spring already! I am saying this from a position where I’ve yet to bring my winter coat up from the basement, but I left my house heavily adorned in a beautiful scarf I received for Christmas. I choose my battles and in the battle against cold, I opt for scarves over coats. I like to hold on to that shred of hope that winter won’t really come for yet another day.

So what I come to you today with is reason that, unfortunately for us, winter is a necessary evil for this time of year. At least for those in the northern part of the hemisphere.

* Winter is necessary for Holidays to feel like Holidays. All of the songs sing about the cold, the snow and chestnuts roasting on an open fire (that open fire won’t be necessary in the summer!)
* Rebirth. The year is like a Pheonix. It needs to burn and die in order to come back again in the spring.
* It’s harder to appreciate the beautiful greens, luscious flowers and birds chirping in the Spring when you  haven’t gone without for four or five months.
* The bugs tend to die off in the cold.
* Snowy owls (like Hedwig!) wouldn’t exist.
* The cold weather makes hot chocolate taste better. This is a known fact, proclaimed by me.


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