Let’s Resolve for Something Different


We’re always making and breaking resolutions, yearly, monthly and daily. We pledge to change ourselves and then by the end of the hour we’ve forgotten our commitments. It’s okay, really. As long as you aren’t too hard on yourself for not checking off everything on your ways-to-perfection list, goals are really better to make than to just ignore. Why? Because it’s something to strive for. Having goals keeps us growing. Working toward achieving dreams makes it so we aren’t as likely to become complacent. We want change. And we are going to set those goals to get there. Even if we don’t take action, it’s important to recognise this need.

If you’re sick of the usual lose weight, save money, pay off credit cards, etc. etc. goals that come around this time of year, here are some more creative goals and resolutions you may want to consider:

pick a word for 2012, write it down somewhere and see how that word manifests itself into your life
ride your bicycle to work on sunny days
learn how to change a tire or the oil in your car
take part in Meatless Mondays and become a vegetarian for 52 days out of the year
write in a journal every single day
make five new friends from five different cities with five different occupations
stop complaining
give up sugar
start a spending fast
give yourself a facial every Sunday
start a food diary
say Yes more often
take a self defense class
don’t buy any gifts in 2012, be creative and do it all yourself, bake, create and make old things new
read x amount of books

What are your resolutions?


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