Reasons to be Inspired for 2012


It might be the end of the world in 12 months. It probably won’t be, but then again, your world might end tomorrow. This is why 2012 needs to be the year to LIVE IT UP. It’s the year to let go of all your fears, remember that child that lives inside you and enjoy your life.

So I’m assigning you a task:  write out a huge long list of things to be excited about in 2012. These are things that might not happen, stuff you want to make happen or even just little things like the fact that it’ll be spring in however many days!!! I start my spring countdown on January 1st. It gets me through the winter. Plan out an awesome vacation you may or may not actually take. Find lots of pictures to look at of that destination. Read the Happiness Project and plan one for yourself.

Listen to the Counting Crows, specifically Long December on repeat until you fall asleep for an amazing nap. Don’t worry about all those extra calories you ate in December. Give the left overs away and start fresh right this moment. Forgive yourself and move on.

Think about 2011. Can you narrow it down to a few words? I think, for me, 2011 was Learning and Awareness.

Lastly, set a word for your upcoming year. I’ve narrowed mine down to: transformation, self-clarity, and love. And also Health.


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