NaNoWriMo Wednesdays: Getting Past Obstacles

Are you stuck yet? The other day I passed the halfway mark, a few days premature of the middle of November. I was delighted and excited! Then the day after that, I felt stuck. And then I got a cold. I’ve been drowning in a sea of tissues and drinking orange juice nonstop. It’s hard to stay clear headed when I can’t breathe! But this is just another obstacle, something to push past.

Another huge obstacle is writer’s block.

Writer’s block can be anything to anyone. Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls once described as when you write and everything feels like it’s crap. To me, writer’s block is when I just can’t write. I can’t figure out how to make what’s in my head into scenes on a page. I have no interest in writing what comes next.

Recently when I was going through this, I skipped around. I decided I would write the scenes I would enjoy writing. And I’d fill everything else in alter. I started writing scenes that make me feel. And I feel like this part of my story is coming alive.

Here are some other suggestions for breaking through writer’s block:
*First off, you need to sit down and show up to write every day. Even if you only write a sentence.
* Introduce a new character and see where it takes you.
* Write something else, a poem or a blog post just to shake it up.
* Go for a walk where there are other people. Observe those people. Write a scene for what’s going on around you.
* Write only dialogue and forget about everything else.
* Write a dream like sequence that summarizes the scene you are trying to write then move on from it.
*Kill one of your characters.
* Send someone to Tokyo
* Visit the Young Writer’s Program and use their dare machine to give you some random plot ideas.

What do you do for writer’s block?


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Wednesdays: Getting Past Obstacles

  1. I’m more like terrified I won’t have enough to say to reach 50k. It’s the halfway point and I feel the good stuff has been squeezed out of me already.

    I like your suggestions. Time to stir things up, cause more drama. Thanks.

    • You can always find more. Discover a new character, go some place new or incorporate flashbacks. Add a new sub plot. Make your ending not the real ending. Experiment with beginnings and endings and character introductions. Good luck with way!

  2. Writing only the scenes I really enjoy and feel passionate about and leaving filler for later is a method I started using early last month with a few of the novels I was working on. I was feeling passionate about the novels as a whole, but I hate writing scenery and back story. I decided that if I only write the scenes I see in my mind when I’m going through work, the dialogue that I say to myself in the shower, etc. Then by the time they are all written, I won’t mind writing the backstory and filler quite so much. The first draft is supposed to be a disorganized collection of thoughts and loosely strung together scenes anyway. It all comes together in later drafts.

    I want to read it by the way. Please email it to me.

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