Halloween 2011

No one ever comes to our house to trick or treat. And I kind of have no reason to dress up this year.

But I wore festive socks to work today.

And I plan on watching a festive movie. (Though I can’t find my Coraline DVD so that’s out).

Last year I was Luna Lovegood. This year I was going to be Hello Kitty (love my headband?).

Last night I went on a Ghost Train ride at a place in my town. It was fun to ride through the woods in the dark and hear historical stories (whether or not they’re real stories, I’m not really sure).

How’s your Halloween looking?


3 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. Happy Halloween! I hope you had a nice day despite not having dressed up or enjoyed any festivities on this All Hallow’s Eve. I’ve never seen Coraline before, but I never really wanted to see it, either. I made a Halloween playlist that I forgot about, I’d better post about it while I’m thinking of it!

  2. Hey! I found you through NaNoWriMo! I live in Carver too. I was bummed I didn’t get over to ride the Ghost Train. Did you like it? I haven’t heard if it was fun or scary or what…
    Anyway, good luck to you with NaNoWriMo – wish me luck too!

    • Oh cool! How’s your first day doing Nano? Good luck with your novel. I had fun on the Ghost Train but I didn’t really think it was scary. There was a lot they could improve but overall it was pretty cool riding through the bogs/ woods on the train in the dark.

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