It’s been a while, guys, I realize. I’ve been scatter brained and just plain scattered but I’m closer to getting everything together. I’m planning on working on a consistent posting schedule Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Seven posts and the occasional song on Sundays. So tomorrow Melanie Kristy will return to some sort of consistency, but in the mean time here’s a list of things I enjoy about airports.


* Random restaurant choices (in Detroit there’s a peanut butter sandwich stand)
* Looking in the stores for magazines and souvenirs that are sometimes nicer an cheaper than the ones you find in the city.
* Cute boys with glasses wearing green argyle sweaters (and then end up sitting next to me on the plane. But I’m too shy/ awkward/ self conscious, etc. to say or do anything aside from turning on his overhead light).
* There are electric outlets all around (as opposed to here in Barnes & Noble where I had to sit with a draining battery for twenty minutes until there was a seat free near an outlet).
* Free wifi? I think. There is in Memphis at least.
* The people. I love to see how they dress, how many carry-ons they have, etc.
* Tears, hugs, reunions, goodbyes
*Drivers holding the last name of the person on a sign (do they still do that?). Update: I totally saw one person with a hand written sign when I was leaving last night.
* The opportunity to upgrade to first class is always there. I never feel like dropping the cash, but I like that it’s possible (and someday I’d like to fly first class).

So what about you, do you have any particular feelings about airports, or maybe I’m just a strange one?


2 thoughts on “Airports!

  1. Logan has free WiFi, and I’m pretty sure Hartsfield-Jackson does, too, but Charlotte Douglas does not 😦 My favorite thing about Charlotte Douglas is that the part before you go through security is super sketchy and there are no restaurants and one weird bathroom, but once you’re through security there are a million of everything you would ever want (apart from WiFi and timely departures), and I like to pretend I stepped into Narnia.

  2. You should do one of those Craigslist missed connections things for the boy in the green sweater. That way if he ever responds, at least you can talk to him for awhile via Internets or text messaging for a while before you talk. 😉

    I love airports so much, for many of the reasons you listed above.

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