Shake It Up


Oh my god, guys, we’re already halfway through October! Where did the beginning of fall go? How did my time to write posts and schedule them and take pictures and upload songs etc. all go by too fast for me to take any action? Don’t you feel like sometimes the days just blur together. Like today is almost the exact same as yesterday or Wednesday of last week.

Here are some little things you can do to shake up your routine a little bit and make it so not every day is just like the day before it:

Set your alarm so you wake up to one specific song on Wednesdays. Or your favorite song on Mondays. I’m so much more willing to wake up when good music is playing, and how you wake up sets the mood for your entire day.

Eat a sandwich for breakfast. Peanut butter and banana? Egg and cheese? Turkey and mustard? Why not? The protein will keep you full longer and you might just find a new favorite breakfast.

Take a walk during your lunch/break. Go outside if you can and enjoy the weather before winter takes over. You could probably use the vitamin D.

Visit your local library and check out a book on something you’d like to learn about, or take out language CDs and learn a new language. Make that what you listen to on your commute or at the gym or while you’re doing housework.

Take an entire day away from the Internet. Turn off your phone and set out into the world with just yourself (and the rest of the world) as entertainment. Use this “new” free time to clean your car or go for a hike.

Do something festive. It’s fall! It’s almost Halloween. Go to a haunted house, carve a pumpkin.

Go to (or Google) and look up a concert or a show or just something different to spend your Sunday day.

Make soup in the crock pot for an easy lunch to last you all week long.

Buy a new shirt in a different color than you usually wear. (I tend to wear black/ grays/ blues/ purples/ teals all the time).

Drink pumpkin coffee instead of regular. Or try hazelnut. Or see if your local coffee shop will let you blend flavors with like mocha hazelnut (it would be like a Nutella coffee!) or mocha coconut almond, or cinnamon. All of these options sound delicious. I think I might have to give the mocha hazelnut one a try.


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