A Lush Affair


I have to admit, I am obsessed with Lush products. Any chance I get to enter a Lush store I take without a second thought. This can be rare as all of the locations closest to me are an hour drive away. (Four locations, too! It drives me nuts!). I could order projects online, and I have, but it’s nothing like the Lush experience. Lush has a very distinct smell. It’s made up of all of the bath bombs, soaps and other products inside the store and it’s unavoidable when you’re inside. It’s likely an associate will ask if you’ve been in Lush before and offer you a hand treatment. Take her up on that offer! It’s like a one hand/arm “facial” for free!

The associates are extremely knowledgeable about their products which is really awesome, the only negative part is they can sometimes be kind of pushy about sales. I tend to keep to myself  and only ask a question if I really need an opinion, but there have been times when an associate recognised me at a different store than I used to see her at (mind you, I go to Lush less than once a month, probably six times a year if I’m lucky). That happened to be a day that a Twilight movie was in theaters and the Lush associates were offering the use of their glittery massage bar (you can sample any thing you’d like) to, you know, “Vampire-ize” yourself.


I first stumbled upon Lush when I was visiting Seattle. I left the store with a delicious tasting lip gloss, some hand cream and a new love.

Here are my five favorite Lush products:
Buffy keeps my skin soft and exfoliated. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last very long!
Ocean Salt is another amazing exfoliater. It smells slightly like a Margarita and tastes like salt. I put it on my face in the shower, put on conditioner and whatever else and rinse it off. It makes my face smooth but dry so the next few things are important…
Eau Roma Water is a toner that removes excess cleanser. I use it at night to gently clean make up off (it doesn’t work on the hardcore eye makeup but that’s what Babyface is for)
Celestial is a gentle facial moisturizer that’s calming and good for sensitive skin. It’s not too heavy but on a hot day I find it doesn’t absorb into my face very well.
Lemony Flutter is a cuticle cream but you can use it for anything. There’s juice from NINE lemons packed into that baby and it smells yummy! I use it to moisturize my nails after I take off nail polish, to help un-chap lips in the winter and to nourish dry elbows and feet.

Other products I want to try:
mask of magnamity
jackie oates  “for a porcelain finish”
dirty shaving cream
twilight bath bomb
sweet lips scrub

Have you ever been to Lush? What are your favorite products?


2 thoughts on “A Lush Affair

  1. Lush is coming to where I live! I found out yesterday and I am ecstatic. More reasons for you to visit. Though I would wait until next summer, there is a gigantic chance that I’ll have my own house then.

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