Things I Love Thursday


I love browsing through We Heart It looking at the pretty pictures.
I love making smoothies with almond milk every morning (and adding a dash of cinnamon).
I love traveling so much it makes my heart ache when I go without, and now I have plans to visit Memphis for a weekend in just a few short weeks (!!)
I love having free places to stay when I travel (anyone want to let me stay on their couch for a while? ha ha).
I love my dog, who has been suffering loudly for the past few weeks by whining and moaning and crying for us at night time.
I love taking walks with my neighbour.
I love sitting in cafes drinking frozen drinks with too much sugar and writing.
I love dreaming up possibilities.
I love doing yoga, and I need to get back to it.
I love Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar ebook.
I love The Lion King and watching it in 3D this week was amazing.


Starting on Saturday, I’m going to be doing Gala’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp. So be prepared to hear about it. 🙂

I think it might be time to retire Things I Love Thursday here at Melanie Kristy. TILT was never my own creation (all credit goes to Gala Darling, though she encourages others to share) and I need to find my own way. This isn’t the end of the love lists, just the beginning of my own.

What do you love this week?


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