Moments Like Movies – Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes

There are moments in my past that I’ve tried to emulate something. I’ve enjoyed breakfast in front of Tiffany’s, dressed like a Luna Lovegood for Halloween and wore bracelets with words and phrases that represented Francesca Lia Block novels. Sometimes some parts of stories just hit me certain ways.

And while I was in college I decided to start a sisterhood. Three girls living in three separate states, a triangle of sorts, shared a pair of red Chuck Taylor high tops. We shared the love of a band and the similar appreciation for Francesca Lia Block novels and an enjoyment for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants novels.

At this point I had one met Kate and Miranda hadn’t met either of us in person, but what did that matter? We had similar core values and an equal understanding of what it was like to be a fan. And so, inspired by a book I wrote years back we decided that a pair of shoes would bring us together in ways that simple internet chatting couldn’t.

And besides, it gave us something to do, mail to receive and the mission to have those babies signed. We had rules and a journal to pass along with the shoes, too. This was serious business!

I can’t remember how long we passed around the shoes, keeping them for a month at a time, but they had some pretty good adventures. They came with me to my first days of college, hiked a mountain with me the second day in (not a good idea overall, especially not in Chucks, but I was pretty much forced into the task so I might as well have brought the shoes along, right?) and experienced the floors of multiple music venues.

Two very big adventures brought our shoes to be signed by the very boys we decided inspired this sisterhood so that every day after those shoes were worn they carried a little bit of love from all three girls, and the knowledge they had been touched by our favorite band.

The shoes have long since been retired. They’re in Ohio along with the journal but I hope to see them again someday. I’d like to read what we wrote each other seven- eight years ago. It’s a time capsule in disguise. Maybe sometime we can take them out of retirement for just one night all three girls and their shoes can be together.


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