Things I Love Thursday

I missed out on last week, it seems like blogging is hit or miss these days. Stay tuned so I can fix that!!!

❤ mini things from Starbucks
❤ taking photographs of books I want to read
❤ browsing bookstores
❤ writing sessions at cafes
❤ the goal of 1000 words per day which I have not met since I made it, but I have written 2000 words so far this week so that’s definitely a start
❤ the word Whimsy
❤ Chipotle burritos
❤ I’m re-reading the Gingerbread, Shrimp and Cupcake books by Rachel Cohn. Loving them.
❤ Brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. So far I’m torn between Hello Kitty, The Pink Power Ranger (Kimberly!) and Max from Where The Wild Things Are.
❤ Sleeping in even though that means going to doctor’s appointments (those are not on my love list)

What do you love this week?


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