Wanderlust: How To Discover Your Hometown


Wanderlust is a serious disease. It causes people to lose track of their lives, walk out on loved ones, sleep through work, muck up their credit and live restlessly. It also creates amazing experiences, memorable adventures and lots of opportunity for learning, photographs and a slew of stories. It has to be done right. You have to act calmly when suffering from Wanderlust otherwise it will cause you to act rash. If you don’t have the funds or the time or the partner to travel anywhere right at this very moment you can

*Take a walk only taking left turns.
*If there’s public transportation, ride it to the very end, or set a timer for a certain amount of time and after the timer goes off, get off at the next stop.
* Pick a theme song for your town. Or rewrite lyrics to a different song to fit your town.
*If your town is known for something, do something related to that. For example, my town is known for it’s Renaissance Faire and for the cranberries it grows. I could make cranberry scones or drink cranberry tea. I could dress up in a dress from 1600.
* If you grew up in this town, what did you do when you were a child? Do it again. * For me, that would be riding my bike everywhere.
* If the answer to your above answer is not ride a bike, then take out your bike now and explore the world going less than 30 miles per hour.
* Take your dog for a walk, or borrow someone else’s. Vow to take twenty five photographs while you’re out.
* Send people you love postcards. Write on the back, “wish you were here.”
* Go to museums and read historical information on your town. Do the touristy things that you never do because you’ve always lived there.
Pretend you’re from another town. Talk with an accent if you can get away with it.
* Spend the day supporting local businesses and only local businesses. Fuel up your tank with gas that’s not from a convenience store, get a bagel at the local coffee shop, go to your library instead of heading out to a bookstore.
* Read up on the official bird and flower of your state. Learn to recognise the state flag.
* Buy vegetables off the side of the road, stop at someone’s flower shop they hold out of their house to buy a plant, call up an in house masseuse and book a massage.
*Bury or dig up a time machine. Inside put pictures of your town and lists of what you love today. Or, similarly, go Geocaching
*Write up something about your town. Make a brochure or an ad for a newspaper. Write a blog post about your town.

I’ve decided that Fridays are going to be dedicated to Wanderlust in all sorts of forms. I’m excited to fill this void for travel in ways that don’t include purchasing plane tickets or booking hotel rooms. It’s only a temporary fix, but they, it’s better than nothing.


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