Things I Love Thursday

hooray for baby cups of coffee!
inspired by Gala Darling, this is my weekly love letter to the universe
*driving slowly by houses with Kat to see if we can tell if they have electrcity
*watching my dad try to kill a cricket (as it chrips tauntingly out of sight)
*trips to the library (books! how I’ve missed you! … as if I don’t have hundreds at home…)
*I’m excited to start Novel II with Francesca Lia Block this past weekend, the girls I met in her last class are amazing and inspiring and I’m looking forward to writing more
*Fall. It isn’t quite here yet, but when it is, I can’t help but talk about how much I love it (except for Daylight Savings,  that is)
*Making S’Mores by a campfire (even if the fire wouldn’t stay lit)
*Pumpkin Iced Coffee
*The Adventures of Pinocchio with Jonathan Taylor Thomas
*watching Ligers at King Richard’s Faire and trying on fairy wings
*The Stereotypes Exhibit at the Plimoth Plantation
*Trying out “Sparkle” Toothy Tabs (weird) and “The In The Shower” showerbomb (eh, after about two seconds my shampoo scent over powered the bomb) from Lush.
*Cupcake kits that make only -8- cupcakes!
*Finding awesome girls to write beautiful guest posts for Melanie Kristy
*learning ways to write better
*spending hours on end at Starbucks with my netbook (it’s no Borders, but it’ll have to do for now…)
*extended long weekends
*Fridays! (even if it isn’t quite the end of the week yet….)
*Meagan asking me if I’m writing my “I love thursdays”
What do you love today?

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