In Search of Magic

I am in a search for magic. Not the Wiccan Goddess kind and not the kind that involves waving around a want while saying, “Expecto patronum” but the magic that is infused in every ounce of life. The magic that makes life feel like fiction and scenes from movies. The sort of magic where life feels like it needs a soundtrack and it probably already has one, even if you haven’t made the mix tape.

I want to use Melanie Kristy as a venue for such magic. I want to share everything I see and do. And I want input.

Instead of making this post about what is magical to me, I will refrain from making lists, because I’m still searching. In the past I feel like spending money and eating out attributed to making life feel magical. I’ve baked pretty cupcakes and those were damn magical in their own ways. But no, I want to know what you find in life that makes you feel like life is a story.

What makes you want to photograph the emotions you are feeling?
Can’t think of anything? Drive to the nearest ocean, close your eyes and smell the salt water. Then dive in. Come back and tell me about magic.

And, in turn, I will do the same.


One thought on “In Search of Magic

  1. Magic to me is knowing I’m alive. I had a very terrifying and life-changing experience recently in which I thought I was going to die. The sunset that day after I got home from the hospital was magic. My husband picking a four leaf clover from the field were standing in was magic. My heart continuing to beat is the most magical thing that has ever happened to me. Now thanks to that, I see a lot more magic in all the small things in life. How can blue and orange blend together so flawlessly during a sunset? Fireflies are like little stars flying around my backyard. My dog snoring when she sleeps comfortably at my side. Kisses and hugs from my husband are even more magical than they were before. Looking forward to all the magic you will be sharing with your readers. All my love.

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