Things I Love


celebrating anniversaries of fiction characters
remembering dates of first hang outs, ice cream sundaes and trips to the beach nine years back
Essie nail polish in Lilacism 
Making cards and coloring them in
buying books for a penny on Amazon
planning naps into my day
rereading books by SARK 
heavy pouring rain and loud thunderstorms, seeking out lightening
asking for guest posts
thinking about magic
goat cheese enchiladas with verde sauce

what do you love today?

One thought on “Things I Love

  1. Today I love:
    -the impromptu lunch I had with a very good close friend.
    -that I just learnt to spell impromptu!
    – having a pile of new untouched magazines at home waiting for me to dive in to!
    -that Toby is always so pleased to see me whenever I walk in the door- instant mood booster! x

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