God-Shaped Hole

If you’re looking for a novel that reminds you to live, God-Shaped Hole is the novel to read. Don’t be turned off my the title, it isn’t religious and preachy. It’s a novel about love, real true love, the kind the hurts. It’s a novel about California. It’s a novel about residents in LA who feel the burn of the desert, who are creators needing to escape but unable to really truly find a way out.
Jacob has no idea the personal ad he writes as a joke to appease coworkers is about to change everything. Beatrice takes a risk and calls the number in the ad, she isn’t really sure why especially since she doesn’t normally look at the personal ads. Their lives are suddenly, intensely, woven together in ways that cannot be undone.
One thing I liked about God-Shaped Hole is the amount of words and phrases that I wanted to highlight to quote later. That doesn’t happen to me often in novels. It certainly doesn’t happen multiple times in the same novel. I wanted to mark up all of the pages to post quotes on Melanie Kristy for the next year. I felt the love between the characters and I felt the heartbreak. I could smell the Los Angeles air.
My friend Paulette told me about this novel just last week. From her description, I had to have it. She told me it was about a girl who makes jewelry and a boy who writes. They feel like outsides in California and they plan to leave it. With those few sentences, I couldn’t wait to read more. I ordered Tiffanie DeBartolo’s other novel, How To Kill A Rockstar and her movie Dreams for an Insomniac  from Amazon (because I love paying $4 – $5 for used books and movies) and I can’t wait to read and watch those, too.
If anyone else out there has read God-Shaped Hole, please let me know. I hadn’t heard from it until last week, but it’s one of those books I talked about in my Confessions of a Serial Reader post; one I cannot wait to share with everyone, even if they’re not interested.

4 thoughts on “God-Shaped Hole

  1. I am so glad you love this book and I feel the exact same way about quotes and showing it to other people! It was hard for me to put in words why I love it but you did just that. 🙂 Let me know how How to Kill a Rockstar is.

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