Things I Love Thursday

Pink Champange cupcakes

Marylou’s Iced Coffee

Chicken dosas

Lilies & the other flowers at my house

*The English subtitles in Harry Potter (according to them, everyone pants a lot, there’s lots of noble themes playing and at one point Snape’s name is Snipe). It was a fluke that we saw it in this format, the subtitles just happened to be playing at the showing we chose.
* dancing all night at weddings
* spending hours talking about books and movies
* self revelations
* plans for a beach picnic
* it’s getting closer and closer to FALL
* starting a Gilmore Girls marathon
* steel gray
* researching vitamins
* selling books online
* adding more things to my life list (ride in a Hot Air Balloon & go to Rocky Horror Pictureshow)

What do you love today?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Nice photographic version of TILT. You know I added TILT to my Google calendar ages ago but forgot to set the reminder so I’ve never done any days since then, haha. My bad. Look at all those pretty lilies by your house, I am oh so jelly. 😀 LOL @ Professor Snipe. Thank Jesus autumn will soon be here, I’m over this 95 degree+ heat. Where do you sell your books online? I should get rid of the ones I’ll never read.

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