Things I Love

*posting these on days that aren’t Thursday, apparently

*I’ve been reading a lot. Especially this week.
*This week I read:
Forever by Maggie Stiefwater
Julie & Julia by Julie Powers
Ordinary Beauty by Laura Wiess
And I picked up In The Woods by Tana French again. I had left
off  halfway through, troubled by all of the murder stories that
were bubbling up all around me in the media.
* the fact that I have an air conditioner in my bedroom. the heat index is 109 degrees today. i can’t imagine not being somewhere cool
* looking up recipes to make bread and cheese
* Gala Darling’s announcement about her Radical Self Love Bootcamp
* my 8 week long online writing class and all of the wonderful, supportive girls I’ve met through it.
* Spending a lot of time with myself, mostly reading (though that makes me unproductive). I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time to myself in the future.
* It’s possible that my throat is healing!!! (And that I was poisoning myself all although via accidental rust inhalation every night.)
* Looking at Ford Fiestas online and trying to decide if I want to buy one or lease one or just keep on looking.
* E-mails offering me free things, like facial cleanser by Bare Escentuals and reward certificates from Best Buy
* Borders. My heart is broken, now the closest bookstore is at least a forty minute drive, but I still love the memories.

What do you love today?


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