Things I Love Thursday – Harry Potter Style


So, it’s no longer Thursday, but I’m sitting here in a post Harry Potter hangover, seeking hydration (I ate way too many Salt N Vinegar chips) thinking, well I haven’t posted all week. I’ve been sick (with what might be a third case of strep throat in four months. Or just a whole lot of tonsil problems?). I’ve decided to do a Things I Love  Harry Potter list incorporating the books and movies alike. (I started this post on Friday, and now it’s Saturday and I’m finishing it.  And it was supposed to post way before this. Somehow I managed to fail at pressing “publish”) Here are just a few things, because honestly there are few things that I don’t love about Harry Potter’s world.

* Midnight book releases and movie premiers The experience is worth doing at least once (though you no long can with Harry Potter) for the excitement and character all around.
* Alan Rickman. He’s just amazing as Snape.
* The Wonderful World of Harry Potter theme park. I’ve yet to find someone willing to commit to spending a day or two with me roaming the streets of Hogsmeade and riding through Hogwarts Castle, but I will someday. Or maybe I’ll just take myself on a grand adventure.
* Butterbeer and Pumpkin Pasties. A lot of the foods mentioned in Harry Potter books aren’t to my liking, but then there are the sweets and these two particular creations that I’d love to try. Also, Pumpkin Juice
* The Room Of Requirement – a secret room in Hogwarts that becomes anything you need it to become at just the time you need it. It’s been a bathroom, a hiding place and a place to practice Defense Against the Dark Arts spells.
* The Loyalty. Harry remains “Dumbledore’s man, through and through” as he admits to in Half Blood Prince. Even when truths are revealed about Dumbledore’s past, even when Harry realizes that Dumbledore has led him through this journey with the idea that Harry must die at the end, Harry remains true to Dumbledore. Snape’s loyalty to Lily Potter may seem flaky by his obvious hatred for her son, but in reality, this hatred is stemmed by the existence of the man who one Lily’s heart; James Potter. And even after their deaths, Snape is willing to remain loyal to Lily. He plays an incredibly believable double agent to the point where no one is really sure where his loyalty lies until the very end of the series.
* Love. This theme is reinforced in every book. Love is more important than anything else.
* Lune Lovegood. She’s quirky and strange, she believes in creatures that other Harry Potter characters don’t think exist and she’s loyal and friendly. She’s adorable and unintentionally hilarious. Luna lives inside her head in her own world, but she’s there for the characters when they — and the story — need it most. Luna is on the list of favorite characters for me, most definitely.
* Owls carry mail. And they’re pets. Totally cool.

What do you love about Harry Potter?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – Harry Potter Style

  1. What the crap!? You’ve never found anyone willing to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with you? Reallyyyyy? Because, uh, obvs I would love to go again. Way to not even ask me 😦

  2. I think midnight releases is a great experience that everyone should partake in at least once. It’s something I grew out of along the way, but I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to do something exciting involving their fandom.

    I think Alan Rickman makes Snape sexy. I want to go to the theme park some day, had I the money I would go with you this weekend in a heart beat. Luna is amazing. ❤

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