Summertime in Massachusetts.


Well it is definitely summer here over in Massachusetts. The tourists are creeping in, Route 3 is a disaster during the weekends and I can no longer sleep without my window air conditioner in my window.

I won’t say I hate summer, because that’s definitely not the fact. I actually sort of like it, the way we have it in Massachusetts, at least. The high heat and humid days don’t stretch on for too long, we have awesome thunderstorms and fire flies are pretty amazing. I like getting out of work, walking into the humidity and being glad I missed most of the sunlight and knowing that it’s still going to be warm and bright for a few more hours. I love the songs that feel like summer and driving around with my windows down. I love wearing flip flops and not having my toes freeze (because New Englanders wear flip flops in the winter, too. We also drink ICED coffee all year long and it’s never too cold for ice cream. In case you were wondering). And how can I forget about all of the amazing fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season right now? Summer doesn’t have my love like Autumn and Spring do, but that’s okay. It certainly doesn’t have my hate, either.


One thing that bothers me about summer really is what bothers me about growing up. We are conditioned to have a huge fantastic holiday right in the middle of our year. We spend at least twelve years relishing in the freedom of the summer holidays and now they are gone (unless you’re a teacher). One vacation week is never quite enough, because after two days back you’re yearning for another. Anywhere you might want to go during the summer is a nightmare during the only times you aren’t working. Because everyone else is off wanting ice cream and scrambling to catch some Vitamin D by the Atlantic.


Maybe the worst part is that I don’t have a pool. I just love water. Love it. And yet I hardly spend any time swimming any more. The beach is a pain to get to, the ponds are kind of dirty, over run with children and, quite frankly, it’s a little embarrassing to embark on a swimming adventure on your own.

So this is just a little message to the universe out there: when I’m a home owner, or a condo owner or I’ve decided to live in a tent in the woods, there’s go to be water.

Oh and also, I love fireflies.


What do you love or hate about summer?


2 thoughts on “Summertime in Massachusetts.

  1. My boyfriend’s family is from Illinois and we visit them in the summer. I’d never seen a firefly until we went…they are truly beautiful. I love them. Definitely envious, because we have no fireflies in CA 😦

  2. I love water, too. My husband and and I entertain the idea of moving someday, and I would lovelovelove to move to a place with a pool. I love to swim and be in the sun. I love the fireflies too, but I live in town so I don’t see as many as at my mom’s house out in the country. But also, they don’t seem so plentiful this year as I remember.

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