Wacky Wednesday


I don’t know, I just like alliteration. Sometimes too much.

What’s one of the wackiest things you’ve ever eaten?

For me, it’s escargot rangoon. Oh, and I tasted antelope burger. This was all last week! (Story coming soon).

Other odd food related things:
I used to drink pickle juice out of the jar
When I was younger I had one of those McDonalds food maker things. I had the cookie maker. There were times when our “cookies” turned out green and soupy.


I have no idea what was in them.
Butter and roasted garlic on toast.
Bacon flavoured chocolate.

I know there’s other things, I just can’t think right now.


5 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. I’ve eaten moose. Not so good in a cheeseburger (Bullwinkle burger in my family), but very good in chili.
    Chocolate covered grasshopper.
    Chocolate covered potato chips (which are the bomb diggity).
    Soupy, green cookies made in a McDonald’s toy.

  2. I’ve eaten a lot of strange foods (I guess) growing up in Newfoundland. I didn’t think moose was a weird thing to eat until your friend Shaylin said something about it above. 😉

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