To My Post Academia Self


It’s been four years since I’ve left an academic setting. I’ve had full time jobs and been unemployed, I’ve lived at my house and in an apartment. I’ve gone to Italy, New York and California. I co-wrote a book, started a blog and met a ridiculous amount of people. I’ve planned trips that didn’t pan out, and I’m in the process of planning more.

If I could tell recently acquired self anything about the future beyond academia, it would be these things:

Pick something to do and do it. It doesn’t matter if you end up hating it, it matters that you’re doing something and giving it a chance to work out.

Go back to school if that’s what you really want. Go back if you don’t want to. Keep learning, the cost is worth it.

Cut up your credit cards. They’re only going to keep you behind where you want to be.

Make plans to travel more.

Your friends will always be there. Don’t feel the need to cling. They’re also going to move on. Don’t feel the need to cling and stay stagnent because they won’t.


There will be guys, you will do dumb things. Let your heart get broken. It will heal stronger and with more power. Let them in anyway.

You have sleep apnea. Get tested now. Use that stupid CPAP machine. Lose weight and get healthy so you don’t have to use it any more.

Start learning self discipline now. It is hard but it is necessary for everything.

Also, watch Conan O’Brien’s Dartmouth Speech. Or read it, at least.

What would you tell yourself, or me, four years ago? Or when you graduated?



3 thoughts on “To My Post Academia Self

  1. I would tell myself don’t take anything for granted. Realize you aren’t going to have everything right away – you have to work towards it to make it truly rewarding. Realize you’re doing the best you can in any given moment because there’s no longer a map or a grand plan for your life. It’s all day-by-day now. Enjoy your experiences, learn from the hardships and make friends and family your priority, not work. And find something outside of all that to be passionate about – something to keep you going when everything else sucks.

  2. I’m just graduating this year and going on to do an MA next year but if I could tell freshman me anything it’d just be to relax a bit more – things will usually work out!

  3. I just wrote a really long comment, but then I reread your post and realized that I misunderstood the point of your entry, and then I realized everything I said was no longer applicable. Haha I’m glad I reread your blog before posting my comment or I would have felt like a wretched asshole after. *headdesk*

    I love you Lozenger- it’s too bad we can’t go back and redo some things in your lives, make some decisions differently. Then again, the things that I truly regret are not things I regret enough to change my path.

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