The Unread Book Shelf

In a lot of ways I am a “book collector”. I buy books cheap or use Borders coupon. I know when certain authors are releasing books and I have to have them right away. I see books used and scoop them up, knowing I plan to read them at some point, some day. And so this is my collection.

The shelves of unread books I should probably get around to sometime. And I keep on reading, but somehow the collection grows. In only shrinks when I decided I probably won’t ever read that book, then it gets moved to a pile to be given back somewhere. I hope that some day I’ll finish these books, I’ll be on top of my “to be read” pile, at least of the ones that I own (I know the real to be read pile is never ending) but for now I am content with watching them on a bookshelf where they are endlessly full of potential.

When I go over someone’s house, one of the things I absolutely love to do is read the titles on their bookshelf. What’s on your bookshelf? (To be read, or not…)


One thought on “The Unread Book Shelf

  1. I started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and hated what I read, so I wouldn’t recommend ever getting around to that one. I did however really like Island of The Blue Dolphins. I seem to remember enjoying Running With Scissors as well, but I wouldn’t swear to that. I own the Chronicles of Narnia series but it’s really more my husband’s than mine, and I have no desire to read it. Though, I’m definitely interested in some of the other titles you have there. You should make a list of all these books on your blog and check them off as you read them.

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