Things I Love Thursday


I know it’s Friday. I’m a day behind. But better late than never, right? Also, I’ve included some of my other friends’ lists, too.

I’m channeling my older self today, past lives. I am counting on the nostalgia I just recently wrote about. Remembering what it is that I love, because it feels like this week I’ve forgotten. So all of these things might be repeats, but that’s okay. It’s good to remind yourself of things you love.

Pushing Daisies, the pie maker
All night movie marathons
Watching Gilmore Girls on ABC Family, wishing for a Stars Hollow type of world
Themed parties in my back yard
Buying books at midnight
Similarly, seeing movies at midnight
Francesca Lia Block and her books. Specifically Dangerous Angels, Echo, Ruby, & Necklace of Kisses. I could keep going. But I won’t.
Reading all sorts of blogs, reading comments on my own blogs.
Catching up with people I haven’t seen in too long.
Going through photographs.
Movies. Especially right now: Under the Tuscan Sun, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1 & 1) and Eat, Pray, Love.
Adding movies to a Netflix queue.
Spring. Flowers. Gardens. Butterflies.
Randomly quoting Harry Potter (and any other movies) in my head. “Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?”
A sense of community. Hanson concerts. Livejournal communities (back when I was active over there).
Creating characters and looking for them in real life.
All of the friends I’ve ever had, the people in my life who have been there for good times and bad times, the ones who were fleeting characters in the cast of my life and the ones I’ve known since Kindergarten and before.
Google messenger & video chat dates.
Perusing photographs of other countries.
Dreaming and concocting ways to think big and makes those dreams real.
All of my attempts at losing weight, even though they’ve always failed.
My bike and riding it in the summer.
Jumping into pools, splashing in ponds and jumping over waves in the ocean.
Sonoma, California, San Francisco, LA, the 101, In N Out Burger
Trips to the aquarium
Making lists of things I want to do/ accomplish
Crushing on fictional boys
Remembering things for what they were and not what they aren’t right now
Tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants
Making cupcakes and decorating them
Scooping ice cream, making sundaes and blending shakes
Mailing letters and packages (and getting mail). Stamps.
Looking for the perfect greeting card.
Wandering around Borders for hours. Taking pictures of books with my phone.
Glitter eyeliner
Teal nail polish
Apple Cider Vinegar
Sand castles
Black and white photographs, Lomography, thinking about buying a Lomo camera
Braiding my hair & wearing flowers in it
reading books by Sark
throwing things out
deleting people off Facebook
having a diagnosis (& antibiotics)
determination to NOT get sick again (less sugar! more supplements)
making dates with myself
remembering things without tears
my HP mini & all its cuteness
asking others for their TILT lists to add to today
wearing Red Sox shirts on Fridays & Saturdays at work (only one more week!)
making fireworks with glitter glue pens
orange juice
coming home to a clean room every other Friday
Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies ice cream
Ngi Ne Themba
going to the movies
making plans for vacation
fake camp fires at work
Lara Bars
coin machines (&not paying fees)
Hello Kitty Checks
cheese. I’m adding this because two of my favorites down there added it without knowing the other did. Also, because I love cheese
initial stamps
talking about Vampires (especially with Sarii)
my brother asking if I want something from Bermuda (my response, “Something pretty”)
strawberry earrings
Vitamin Water Zero
planning to see Francesca Lia Block (twice!) this weekend
hoping to visit Lush while I’m in Boston
detoxing from sugar (even if I only lasted one day. Better luck in the very close future!)
40% off coupons from Michaels
Burts Bees Lip Balm
when the scale goes down
yoga classes with Jerry in Bridgewater
Marylous Ice Coffee. Peanut Butter Wonderful is my favorite. Runners up include: Twix, and Chocolate Coconut
Cosi dates with Heather
the awesome tan… on my left arm
Aveeno lotion
crunching numbers for pay offs and weight losses
Bright Blue / Teal Moleskine notebooks
trying on hats and sunglasses
the farmer’s market in my town
Borders Bucks
sitting in front of the fan and doing nothing
Gardens, especially ones that grow vegetables and herbs, but also pretty flowers
Hummingbird feeders
Portobello mushroom sandwiches

e-mails from Olga describing me, “lately ive been thinking about individuals in my life and how i would describe them to others. i guess the way i’d describe you is like a freshly made cupcake. you are bright and delightful to look at, you are soft and full of feelings that make me thing of pastel colors like pink, lavender, and mint green. a moment with you is pretty much how id feel if carebears really existed. i’d call you “feel bear” because everything with you is larger than life as it should be.”

*Wine Country
*Seeing Melanie multiple times in a week
*Homeless people being fed by cheerful strangers (that happened to laurie yesterday!)
* The color yellow
*Warm weather/sunshine

Lady GaGa’s new album, The Office UK, strawberry banana smoothies, nail polish, writing letters, new sunglasses, new headbands (or any kind of hair accessory, really), “Fuck You by Ceelo Green , dressing up, postcards, Charlie Day, Minted Rose lipbalm, making plans with [MelanieKristy] for our adventures, Batman comics, dinosaurs, my job, gaudy jewelry, mermaids, seeing movies at the theater, grilled corn, Dr. Hannibal Lector, the smell of library books, NeNe, sharks, looking at Barbies at Target, flip flops, driving a convertible, buying plane tickets to Boston, Pawn Stars, Hooper, cheese and Newbury Street.

Penny Rose’s “Things I Fancy Friday”
Baking cupcakes and even coming up with my own recipe for raspberry lemonade cupcakes!
Wearing wigs
Beautiful curvy women – this may need a side note. After visiting family I have realized once again how much stress people put on being thin. I do it too and I’m not even sure why because I don’t think incredibly skinny women are beautiful. Curvy thick women are very attractive. We can be plus size and beautiful and I would like to have words with anyone who says other wise.
Martinis – especially pretty colored ones that have a fruity taste! How classy!
Best friends who have your back – its really nice to know that no one can talk shit about you and get away with it because you have people who love you who wont let that happen.
Romantic comedies – its like a sickness… I have to like them even though it’s the same story over and over again. They just make you long for love and hand holding
Johnny Galecki/Leonard Hofstadter – huge character crush going on over here…
Fresh fruit that is in season
Confirmation that my oil has been shipped
My great grandmothers 103rd birthday!
Believing in magic
Wasting time with online tarot card reading
Pay day and not being broke!
Birthday planning – oh yes, Courtnie is having a birthday and its going to be the shit… be there or be square bitches

What do you love today?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Shaylin and I are bosses, cheese is the greatesttttt! Also, I love how long this list is and also also I love your face.

  2. I need to start doing these again, just for a little sense of regularity in my blog. I will have to add it to my Google calendar though because I will certainly forget otherwise. This is really long list this week! Wowzers.

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