Ways to stay positive when everything feels like shit


Spend a few moments outside in nature, look at the beauty of the world around you. It’s spring time and the flowers are out. Ignore the bugs buzzing in your ears and take a moment to just appreciate fresh air and sunlight.


Talk to or hang out with a child, it’s guaranteed to cheer you up.


Go swimming. Float on your back and gaze up at the sky. Open your eyes under water and look for fish. Get into a splash fight. Let your skin turn into a raisin.

Turn off your cell phone, the television and all other electronics. Find an amazingly comfortable bed. Open the windows or turn on a fan and curl up and nap like you’ve never napped before.

Make a list of everything that you are grateful for in your life. Make a list of the things that you love or the good things in your life. Doing this will draw you out of negativity and force you to take a moment to focus on something positive. You need that.

Listen to music that’s upbeat and makes you want to dance. Then dance like no one is watching.

Paint your nails or give yourself a pedicure. Or, better yet, go out and have someone do this for you. Or get your hair cut or paid for someone else to shampoo and style it for you. It feels like to have something done for you every once in a while. And it’s calming to do so.

Get moving. Physical activity raises endorphins. This is guaranteed to bring you into a better mood, even if you hate every minute you’re doing it, you’ll probably feel great after. (And maybe a little sore, but I always take that as a good sign.)



6 thoughts on “Ways to stay positive when everything feels like shit

  1. I love this and it is perfect timing for me as well. I danced my butt off Saturday and it def did the trick. 🙂 I hope to try some more of these this week. Hope they help you, too!

    • glad dancing helped! i’ve been unable to be very active this week, as I have strep throat and it’s just being treated. but i plan on putting my negative energy into working out and being active as soon as i can! the tilt I just posted was made because of this list. I had to remind myself I shouldn’t neglect my blog or anything because of heartbreak. I should grow stronger from it instead.

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