In Search of Pen Pals


I’ve been cleaning lately. Or rather,  making a huge mess as I attempt to organize. So as it turns out, I have approximately a million note cards and extra stamps and tons of stickers all just waiting for me to put them to use. (And there may be a person or two, – S, I’m looking at you – who I owe letters to. I know this).

But anyway, the art of letter writing is fading. Yesterday while in a paper store, my boyfriend asked, “Don’t these people have computers?” he didn’t quite understand the point of making your own stationery or cards. And I completely understand his point of view. Maybe it’s unnecessary. While I’m trying to clean out everything, I’m at a loss as to what to do with these cards and letters I’ve received.

But knowing all of this doesn’t make me want to send mail any less.


So anyway, I am requesting that anyone who is looking for letters and prizes in their mail box to email me with your address. Also let me know if you’re looking for more than one, I can match people up. It will be fun!

My e-mail address is starsgoneblue at gmail.


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