Things I Love Thursday


Whole Living magazine
long walks
flip flops
penny days. this song & this video:
new sunglasses
damn you auto correct
gelato dates
Coconut Lime Verbena
holding hands
Chuck’s Challenge (on the iphone)
picking out recipes I want to try
writing bits and peices that might someday be a story
stocking up on novels to read
photobooth pictures
long e-mails
making mixes for everyone
long weekends (even when mine isn’t really long)
Third Eye Blind playing at work
wearing Chuck Taylors
dancing at weddings
finishing Moleskines
waiting for packages of Lush products
bright green nails
wearing shirts that are a size smaller than I’m used to
fresh fruit is finally in season (strawberries! mangoes!)
planning time to exercise (even if it really doesn’t happen. I’ll get there…)
portobello mushrooms
“I think I lost weight in my foot” “That’s the first place you lose weight”
Instagram. Wanna be friends? Starsgoneblue is my user name.
Shaylin’s neices/ her flower girls
going out for breakfast. especially at (real) diners
note paper with cupcakes on it
talk of inventing a teleporter
drunk texts from Shaylin
learning that my girl Zooey is going to be on a TV show this fall (The New Girl)
countdowns until my vacation week in June
What do you love this week?

2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. This is such a great list this time around, Lozenger. I love it. I’m totally aware that I owe you a long e-mail, and you will get it soon I promise. As far as bright green nails go, I’ve got some of those Sally Hansen stick on things in a nice lime green I can’t wait to wear. (Probably in a week or two.) Are you doing anything for vacation or just hanging out at home?

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