A Toast to Happily Ever After

Hi everybody, my name is Melanie. I’ve known Shaylin since we were in Kindergarten. She liked my Dumbo dress and I continuously forgot her name and had to ask over and over what it was. I went home one day to tell my mom, “I have a new best friend, but I forget her name!” We were always a little weird. In first grade we started what we called the “Cleaner’s Club”. We wrote a theme song and tried to clean my basement. It didn’t really work out. In sixth grade we impressed our classmates with our Alien status. Shaylin was from Pluto and I from Saturn. All those other Earthlings were too normal for us.

In high school Shaylin made bracelets out of tooth brushes and wore them up to her elbows. During a career quiz she announced she wanted to be a green Popsicle when she grew up. We worked together at Peaceful Meadows, scooping ice cream for tourists and trading stories about the regulars. Our senior year of high school I wrote her fairy tales instead of giving her presents.

Then for a while we went our separate ways. Shaylin met Ben at Bridgewater State while I was busy hopping from college to college searching for something. But Shaylin has always been there for me, just one phone call away. She flew to California for the weekend of my 21st birthday so we could celebrate in San Francisco. She was excited to go on a real trip where she could bring a blow dryer. Though I’m pretty sure she never put it to use.

Shaylin has always been one of the most loyal people I know. If she loves you, she’ll stand up for you no matter what. Even if you’re fighting against yourself. I tried to ask if her she could recall any of my embarrassing moments that she’s been there for. She replied with, “You don’t have any embarrassing moments.” How am I supposed to exemplify the fact that she was my friend regardless of whatever happened if nothing embarrassing happened? Well there was that one time after apple picking I ate cheez wiz off my hand. She’s still my friend after that.

Shaylin, I’m sorry you never fulfilled your destiny as a green Popsicle. And even though we’re Earthlings, the future is less than normal… but in a good way. Thank you for choosing me to be your maid of honor. You look beautiful.

Ben, I could not choose a better person for Shaylin. You put up with us even when we’re at our silliest, and that’s important. I can write her fairy tales, but only you can give her happily ever after.

To Shaylin and Ben and Happily Ever After…


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