Things I Love Thursday

* It’s wedding week and the countdown is verymuch here.
* Francesca Lia Block will be in Boston in June and I am lucky to not only see her, but go hopefully go to a workshop of hers, also.
* Cayenne pepper in tomato soup.
* I’m going to miss the American Idol finale tonight. The top three is amazing, but I’m hoping Lauren Alaina wins.
* Having a dance party in the bar waiting for lanes (that we never got).
* Stick on mustaches.
* Pop rocks and pixi sticks.
* Gummy Beartini drinks
* “Can you make me a copy of this CD?”
* my little windowsill garden
* Ben driving all the way to pick me up and bring me to the mall to get Celestial.
* Sarah Dessen’s new book What Happened to Goodbye 

I have many more things I could add to this list, but I’m going to be late for work if I keep going.


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