Adventures on Sunset

I’ve gone some distance for concerts. Tulsa, Oklahoma stands out the most. Last year I almost went to Chicago for a weekend. My most memorable experience, however, takes place in California.

I was living in Sonoma County on campus without a car. I had only been in California for a couple weeks at the longest. Hanson was on tour, but not coming to the West Coast at all. How does that even happen? I fly all the way across the country and they stay on the East Coast and Mid
West to tour, taunting me….


The announcement was made that Hanson would perform in Los Angeles. They would not just do one show, they would do two in one night. An entire acoustic show followed by an electric one. And they were also playing on the Howie Mendel show the night before. (At least, I think it was Howie Mendel. I honestly can’t remember). I know my roommates thought I was insane for wanting to go. Even my mom questions why I still want to see more than one concert per tour. They play the same songs after all. This isn’t always true, though. And it isn’t just the songs I go for. It’s the entire experience that makes me feel like I’m at home even when I’m across the entire country. Once I learned about the shows, my immediate thought was, “How am I going to get to LA?”

There wasn’t even a question whether or not I would go. All I wondered was: how?

And so my adventure began. I bought my tickets before I had a ride there. Worse case scenario, I could hop in the car with a random stranger and risk everything for my first night in The City of Angels, a night of memories and the chance to see my boys three times in two nights .

Did I say worst case scenario? I meant to say, that’s pretty much exactly what I did. I made posts on Hanson community message boards, namely the paid membership side of in search of anyone planning to make the eight hour hike southbound. That’s when I met a fan willing to drive a little out of her way to help me out. It was not happily ever after in friendship-land. I don’t even remember her name. What I do remember is reading Francesca Lia Block books in the backseat; eating Luna bars and listening along to pop music while she and her cousin drove.

We got along okay. I forked over some gas money, pitched in to sleep on the floor of a dingy hotel for our second night and left feeling just fine about my overall experience.

Los Angeles was utterly amazing. My experience was limited mostly to Sunset Boulevard where the street and I became intimate friends for the first night. Camping outside a venue has never been my idea of a good time, no matter how good the possibility I could get a good spot inside would be. (It wasn’t even an impressively close distance. We were not the only girls sleeping against buildings that night). But I decided the entire situation was great life experience and kept on with the plans.

The day of the show I met some nice girls, ate slices of pizza from a little restaurant down the street and wandered the isles of Hustler. I even bought a coffee drink from the café inside Hustler. I saw the guy who played Alfalfa in the Little Rascals movie (Someone asked him, I didn’t recognize him how many years later….), was flashed some girl-flesh when I asked what a girls’ tattoo was and did an endless amount of waiting, something I’d been so used to from going to shows that spending most of an entire day waiting in line didn’t phase me.

Showtime made the drive, sleeping on a sidewalk, waking up shivering and spending a whole day in line worth it. I even left with the cell phone numbers of Isaac, Taylor and Zac, not to their knowledge. At this point the numbers had started to get passed around the fan-base. My ride drunk dialed them and left them a message of their own concert on their voicemail. The entire experience boiled down to the moment those three guys walked onto the stage and I was home, at last, surrounded by music I adore and people who feel the same way.

Have any crazy stories to share? Have you ever camped out for a band, or caught a ride with a near stranger?

4 thoughts on “Adventures on Sunset

  1. Wow Lozenger, I never heard that story before. I’m way too nervous to do anything as risky as that, you’re very brave. I enjoyed reading this blog post though. It was awesome for you to share this with us.

    • What’s funny about you saying you’d be way to nervous is that I was not nervous at all. I knew it was a risky thing to do, I knew that people would think I was crazy, but it’s the Hanson fandom that has always made me feel safe is that sort of way, I guess. Granted, I’ve also flown off to other states to meet people I’ve never met before. So it’s all alittle risky, but I need that in life sometimes.

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