Souvenirs You Never Lose


Don’t it make you sad to know that life is more than who we are?*

All these little moments in life, the brushing of hands, the long strolls with an over excited dog, kisses from a three year old who goes looking for bubbles in a bank he hasn’t been inside in a year… each of these moments are precious and beautiful and you’ll never get them back.

Stop for a second and think about every person you have in your life right now. Think about the smiles and laughter and genuine good times but people who are important to you. No matter how bad life gets, you always have these moments, crevies of time that are carved out just for you to remember.

Some day it might just dawn on you how impermanent life is. Realizing the mortality of yourself and people you love is scary and breathtaking. It makes you’re mind reel and your heart beat speed up. Maybe it makes you depressed. Maybe you  ignore the fact that we all will die someday because scares you or makes you question other things about life. But you can’t ignore it, even if you try. Someday you will lose someone you love. Someday you will wish you had these moments back.

When my previous dog, Kandie, died unexpectedly one December night six and a half years ago,my first thought was “I should have taken her on more walks.” I walked Chance today and thought of this. I watch the way he slows down, how sometimes he has trouble standing. I want to cry about it, but I remind myself instead to remember this.

The only remedy  for this is to appreciate every moment you have, take advantage of every oppertunity you are blessed with to tell someone you love them. show up to your own life. Know what is important and pay attention.

Happy Mother’s day to all of the beautiful women who have given birth and created life. Happy Mother’s day to the mother’s to be and the mothers who may never be biological but still love someone’s child.

The tulips & the insertion of *Name by the Goo Goo Dolls is for my own mother, who is out in Boston today having a grand ol’ time without her children.


2 thoughts on “Souvenirs You Never Lose

  1. My husband, dog and I just came in from sitting outside blowing bubbles together. Well, Hera didn’t blow bubbles but she had fun watching the ones float away that my husband and I were blowing. I have a problem when it comes to thinking of mortality, it’s something I’d rather not get into at the moment.

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