50 Things to Do When There Isn’t Anything To Do (Or Much Money To Do It With).


Are you bored? Looking for something to do that doesn’t cost too much money? Need some fresh date ideas? Why is it that we can never think of something to do in the moment we are bored? It’s like our brains freeze up and NOTHING comes to mind. Literally. Nothing. Well, I’ve compiled a list (with the help of a few active friends on Facebook) and I’d like to share it with you.

*Garden (I recently started a very small garden in my windowsill. It cost me one dollar for each plant)
*Walk somewhere new and different. Notice what is around you.
*Make out with someone and don’t go any further than just making out.
*Swing on swings, if you’re with someone else see who can swing higher. Then jump off.
*Eat ice cream out of a cone, be as messy as you please.
*Hold hands with someone.
*Watch movies you already own, rent one for $0.99 through Redbox, or check out the collection on Netflix.
*Hang out in libraries, take out loads of books and read until your eyes hurt.
*Learn how to do something new — maybe from a book you took out of the library!
*Take photographs of nature or your pet of your loved ones.
*Go through old pictures and reminisce. Scan then onto your computer.
*Write down memories you have in story format, “Memorize your life
*Buy sidewalk chalk and draw masterpieces. (The 3-D kind is pretty awesome).
*Build sand castles, host a contest.
*Make your own candy bars — fill these ($2!!!) candy bar molds with chocolate and whatever else your heart desires. Poprocks! Chili powder! Dried fruit!
*Cook someone dinner. All Recipes has recipes for pretty much anything you could imagine.
*Play Yahtzee or any other card/ board games you have lying around.
*Start a blog. Write in the point of view of your cat. Or write about the random people you see on a day to day basis. Talk about your past lives. Try new things and write about it.
*Brew suntea in your back yard.
*Clean things with baking soda 
*Practice yoga, learn it online or on demand or take class for $10.
*Visit caves (who knew caves were around where you live??).
*Go to the beach.
*Make a kite and then fly it.
*Find a dollar theater and watch old movies on the big screen.
*Make bread.
*Make a day zero list or a life list or a ___ things to do before I’m ___ list.
*Balance your checkbook.
*Go bowling – one game plus shoes is generally under $10.
*Go to a museum. Bank of America has a program where they give out free passes, your library may give our passes or you can google Free Museums with your state.
*Make a list of things that need to get done — and do anything that can be done in one minute. Then move on to potentially more time consuming things on the list.
*Change your sheets.
*Build a fort.
*Take a bath — use a Lush bath bomb.
*Check out new music — look at my mixtapes or check out Pandora.
*Go green with your bank account/ credit card statements and choose to receive them electronically.
*Clean out your inbox.
*Go thrifting and buy something fancy.
*Buy fruit from a farmers market and eat it on a picnic table.
*Better yet — have a picnic.
* Gaze at the stars and learn constellations .
* Challenge yourself to go without electronics for one day.
* Host a game night complete with a pot luck dinner/ dessert.
* Swap books or movies with your friends.
* Learn a new language, find a friend online to practice that language with.
* Dip fruit in chocolate and eat it outside while the sun is setting.
* Play fetch with your dog, or a small child.
* Do your laundry, it’s one less thing that has to be done later.

What do you do when you’re bored?


2 thoughts on “50 Things to Do When There Isn’t Anything To Do (Or Much Money To Do It With).

  1. i love this list! and i thought of another thing, host a clothing/accessory exchange. my sister does it every few months and everyone brings clothes and accessories and everyone pays $5 towards snacks/drinks and gets 5 tickets. each item is worth 1 ticket so the more good stuff you bring that people want to “buy” the more tickets you get to get stuff. its an awesome way to change up your wardrobe/jewelry/purse collection without spending much at all. and its fun to just get together for the evening!

    • Gretchen, that’s a cute idea to have a clothing swap, especially with the tickets and stuff like that. However, I’ve never done something like this because I’ve never been able to share clothes with anyone, none of my friends are close to my size.

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