It’s April! March Goal Updates and New Goals for April


So March was a win/fail for me as far as goals go, but I think overall I had a pretty great month. It’s finally spring, I don’t always need to wear a jacket and it wasn’t dark at 7pm tonight! Anyway, here’s how I did in March for my goals:

1. Go to the gym or work out at least three times a week. This just didn’t happen. At all. Oops.
2. Post here 3 times a week. I didn’t quite hit this, but it wasn’t too bad.
3. Launch my second blog. Post there (you guessed it) three times a week. Again, not quite with the amount of posts… And I haven’t launched it quite yet.
4. Sit down with my HP Mini, probably elsewhere, and write three times a week. I don’t think this happened three times a week, it happened when ever I felt like I had the time/ energy to write. But I did do it.
5.Pick up my bridesmaid dress and eat amazing pizza (check!) Yes, absolutely.
6. go on a date. Yes. In fact I went on four.
7.  try a new kind of food. Not in the way I was hoping for, no. on swings I almost did a couple times, but it was mostly too cold.
9.  celebrate the equinox with someone awesome (any takers? It’s SUNDAY MARCH 20th). Yeah, this totally happened. I am so specific and good at sharing details.


Okay, so now… goals for April? Sounds like a plan. They’re semi repeats, but that’s okay.

1. Work out 3 times a week
2. My high weight loss goal would be to lose 13 more pounds this month.
3. Keep up with blog posting… that means three times a week.
4. Complete a short story.
5. Play on swings.
6. Clean and organize. One subject for each week…
books and shelves
over all rest of my room


My allergies have been so bad for the past week and a half, I’ve been too tired to stay awake past 8pm (I do it anyway) and my right eye has been watering nonstop for an entire week. So maybe it’ll be better in April? Here’s to hoping!

Anyone else have any plans/ goals for April? You can read Penny’s (Of Star-Stuff)  March accomplishments here.



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