Just Kidding!


I thought about making some joke post here, but my thoughts didn’t get very far. Instead of tricking anyone, I decided to look back on the pranks I’ve pulled or tried to pull in the past and reflect on that here.

I wouldn’t consider myself a prankster of any means, but occasionally inspiration has struck at just the right time and I’ve been able to pull some pretty awesome jokes. April Fools day has never been one of my favourites, mostly because people are usually expecting it, but also because it seems like it’s giving you a reason to play a joke. And sometimes you don’t need a real reason.

My most genius ideas for April Fools, the ones that have gone over the best on that particular day are as follows: switching salt with sugar, and putting an elastic on the kitchen sink spray. There have been years when my brother has pulled the same elastic on the kitchen sink spray joke and it backfired on him. I think those are probably the best.

One of the reasons that I’ve never really been into playing tricks on people is that I can not keep a straight face, at all. One time I told my RA that my room mate Kristin had fleas. I was cracking up laughing as I told him. He still believed me, though, which is even more amusing. Today I was telling my co worker about Google’s new Gmail Motion. I was laughing, though my descriptions were kind of hilarious anyway (pretend to lick your hand, slap on your knee like you’re posting a stamp, etc…) but she thought I was serious then, too.

My favourite prank happened so long ago that I’m beginning to believe it’s time to pull something else. You just have to know who to mess with, though. I know some people would certainly kill me for trying. Anyway, my favourite prank happened during high school. I believe it was my senior year. It was before the time that digital cameras really had video capabilities. I didn’t even own a cell phone. We had to video tape this experience. And sadly that makes it harder to broadcast it over the web. Though maybe it’s a good thing.

My whole family was going away for the weekend. I have no idea where they were going, but I think it may have been one of the first times they actually left with me in charge. My brother was gone too. Maybe he was with them? Little details like that don’t matter. I decided that obviously I needed to have a sleep over. But it couldn’t be just any sleep over.


My house had to get broken into, too. It had to be a sleep over that we would talk about for years and years after. We still talk about it when we get together, think about finding the tape and rewatching the events that unfolded.

In high school I had a small group of friends that liked to do ridiculous things. There were four of us. There was me, Megan, Marissa and Janna. One time we planned and TPed  Megan’s car. It just happened like that. I think the TPing job actually came after the night I’m talking about now, but who can really remember that. Anyway, so I invited Janna to sleep over for the night. We rented a scary movie (the Bone Collector) and sat and watched it while I amazingly kept my cool. Mostly. There were a few times I had to run into the bathroom to calm my anxiety and not give it away.

In the week before this sleepover, Megan, Marissa and I planned an awesome break in. We drew up a floor plan of my house and property, I showed them where the circuit braker was (and how to turn off power to my entire house) and we rehearsed movement for movement until we had it down.

So Janna and I watched the movie. Toward the end of the Bone Collector, the front door of my house shook a little bit. Chalk it up to the wind, but it was Megan trying to make noise.

Megan and Marisa then went around my house, through the bulkhead and into my basement. They tried to make noise, drop something on my brother’s cymbal, move things around while they made their way to the source of power for our whole house. When the power went out, Janna and I moved into my bedroom. I’m not sure the excuse I made, I just knew that was where we were supposed to go. Janna wanted to call her dad, just to let her know what happened. I cursed myself for not letting him in on the joke. I tried as much as I could to delay the phone call while Megan and Marisa were making noise that we couldn’t hear.

When the big moment came, Megan burst into my bedroom followed my Marisa with the camera. They were dressed in black sweat suits and wearing black ski masks. I realized I had no idea what to do then, how to react. We jumped to our feet, Janna I think tried to tackle them, the ski masks came off and she really tackled them. I still don’t know what her initial thoughts were, but it all ended in a good laugh.

We named the experience Crouching Megan, Hidden Marisa. It was just after Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was in theaters. We thought we were hilarious. And there’s a part of me who really still thinks we are.

Have you played any epic pranks on anyone? How did they work out?



One thought on “Just Kidding!

  1. I’ve never been much of a prankster myself, but I love the Crouching Megan, Hidden Marisa prank that you described in this entry. So elaborate and fun, I’m glad you guys still talk about it and laugh. How wonderful.

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