More Things I Love Thursday


Because… why not… here are a few awesome things about today

Mobbed. This TV show is awesome. I only heard about it last night on American Idol, but I love the idea of Flash Mobs so much, I really want to be in one. So why not have an entire television show dedicated to one?

My friend Miranda (of The Good Groupie) left me a message on Facebook that made me smile. Also, read her TILT list for this week here.

So I want/need to start doing TILT too so I was searching for the image when this AWESOME mug popped up that said “Cake Nash” on it – pic of a red hair on a cupcake. I went “OMG, I have to show Ivy!” only to click the link and be taken to YOUR BLOG.

Paul didn’t get kicked off American Idol tonight. (I swore not to watch it this year… what happened? Oh well…) Oh, and also, I love his suit.




I bought Tangled today. Haven’t watched it yet, though.

It’s snowing today. I do not love that. But I learned that 25 years ago today it was 90 degrees in MA. That’s pretty insane. (Spring, please come NOW). Also, for anyone who doesn’t remember, in 1997 we had a snow day April 1st. I do remember that.

Oh and here are some awesome flash mobs you may enjoy:

& because I love this and it inspired part of Jim & Pam’s wedding in The Office


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