happy spring!


I meant to make a post on Sunday, the first official day of spring. But I was busy buying a dress/ eating an amazing meatless sub with Shaylin / walking Chance/ going on a date / black-light mini golfing / playing Super Mario Bros. 3 / et cetera. In short, my weekends have been a little crazy lately but crazy in a good way. I’ve just somehow lost the time to actually blog. (Will get back to that asap, I have a plan!). I hope everyone’s beginning of Spring has been great! (It SNOWED here on Monday. I was pretty pissed. But it didn’t stick and we all survived so I guess it’s okay).


One thought on “happy spring!

  1. Wow, it stinks that it snowed there the first full day of Spring. We had a little rain here that morning, and it thundered without precipitation for a while in the evening. Looking forward to your blog plan!

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