The Days Are Lighter


Spring ahead, the days are lighter. Good things are going on in the land of Melanie Kristy. At least in the personal life department. I’m working on my goals for March, I’ll update when the month ends. It’s so much better now that the sun isn’t gone by the time I leave work every night. I can breathe easier. I’m working on a second blog, though I’m not going to completely publicize it like I do this one. I’ll link it once or twice, maybe, but it’s very personal. I write about stuff I don’t talk about a lot. The land of eating right and weight loss and health and all that crap. Okay, I talk about all of that stuff a lot. If you didn’t happen to know, I’m very passionate about nutrition and good health and eating right. You probably wouldn’t know unless we talked about it, though, because as much as I am an encyclopedia on what you should be eating, I am terribly far away from being a good example. And so I struggle. And so I write.

It’s late at night and I should either go to bed or pick a topic to focus on, but I’m deciding to just write right now and see what happens. I bought mango salsa tonight, it was amazing. I find myself wishing I had someone to cook for. I find recipes I want to try, foods I want to experience, but I want to share that experience with someone aside from myself. And possibly my mom.

I know I owe some people letters, but I am in search of pen pals, anyone who wants to exchange postcards, love letters or mix cds. Leave me comments and I’ll email you. I hope everyone is having a great almost spring!



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