Things I Love Thursday


The weekly love list.

<3. My friends are all absolutely amazing. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have all of the people in my life who are a part of it right now. Anything from Wednesday night sushi dates to trying on dresses to writing letters to reading what I write. You guys are all more awesome than you realize.

<3. Crazy Maki — minus the avocado, unfortunately because I am allergic.

<3. Zumba — it feels great to move.

<3. I’ve lost 16.2 pounds. In the grand scheme of things that doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it’s more than 5% of my original bodyweight and I feel better every day.

<3. Weight Watchers mini bars. They’re lifesavers.

<3. SUPPLEMENTS. If you could see the amount of bottles that are littered around my desk right now… here’s a quick list to give you an idea: Multi Vitamin, Acidophilus Pearls, B12, D-3, Spirulina, Lactaid, Cranberry pills, etc. etc. If only I could remember to take them, or some of them, daily…

<3. Working on writing for real. Loving when I story seems to actually be developing.

<3. Compliments on my eyes. And my laugh.

What do you love this week?



3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. YAY! Every time I read one of your Thursday posts, it reminds me to be more positive, and to get a better focus on things that are important. It’s the little things and the good things.

    Here’s my brief list for the day:
    ❤ YOU!
    ❤ Venti, nonfat, vanilla lattes from Starbucks.
    ❤ Reading blogs
    ❤ Reading short stories on the bus (the WHOLE thing in one trip)
    ❤ Funny billboards

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